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Last version update: 23rd Feb 2017 - Performance improvments and Unity 5.5.0 compatibility

Key Features

• Unity 3D Engine, compatible with Unity 5 (export to iOS, Android and more)
• Custom set up Editor
• Full documentation with commented source code
• No Unity Pro licence needed
• Universal App (iPhone and iPad including iOS 9)
• Tilt and Touch controls
• Multiple Camera Angles including in car driving
• AI traffic Cars with lane changing and signal lights
• Traffic responds to horn
• High speed and overtake bonuses
• Realistic physics when accelerating, steering and braking
• 56 UI Images and 8 Audio Files
• 7 Playable cars with unique driving characteristics
• 4 Different Game Modes (Single lane, two way traffic, free ride and timed)
• 3 Game difficulty levels (Normal, Hard and Insane)
• Integrated Chartboost Ad Network SDK
• Integrated Chartboost More Games Screen
• Integrated Chartboost Rewarded Video Install
• Integrated Google Ads Network SDK
• Integrated Everyplace replays
• Daily Rewards
• 8 in-app purchases including coin packs
• High score notification on level completion
• In-game currency used to unlock cars, levels and upgrades
• 3 Playable Environments
• Upgrade your cars engine, steering and braking
• Integrated Game Center Leaderboard
• Integrated Facebook Sharing SDK
• Retina images



Toon Racer in action


Toon racer returns with all new features including in-car driving, custom set up editor, new level difficulties, new game modes, replays, daily rewards and much more! Test your driving skills with multiple unlockable cars, increasing difficulty levels and four different game modes. Use in game currency to upgrade your vehicle's engine, steering and brakes. For monetization we have added eight in-app purchases, Google ads, Chartboost Interstitial Ads as well as Chartboost rewarded video and a more games screen.

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Editing code was so last year

Don’t you hate having to go through pages of scripts to put in your ID’s? We have removed every step that requires you to edit source code with our custom editor. What does this mean? You do not need to open a single source code file!

All of the setup, from leaderboard IDs to in-app purchase IDs are configured in one easy to use editor window. Each field is fully documented in case you get stuck.

You don't have to just use cars with interiors! Toon racer comes configured to easily switch between camera views on a per car basis. That means 3 cars can have the inside steering wheel view, and the rest viewed from outside like above - all with an additional overhead view. Changes are made from the editor and not the source code.

You don't have to just use cars with interiors! Toon racer comes configured to easily switch between camera views on a per car basis. That means 3 cars can have the inside steering wheel view, and the rest viewed from outside like above - all with an additional overhead view. Changes are made from the editor and not the source code.

Toon Racer 2 comes with new traffic cars already set up. You can easily change the car colors from the editor, within 5 minutes you can have brand new looking traffic! Note: These differ from the cars within the demo on the app stores, we now include cars without watermarks that you can easily edit and use straight away, reducing your reskin time.

Every game is different. Sometimes your cars are big, small, basic or advanced. We have set the source code up with 7 very different examples included. These demo cars replace the cars within the app store versions, so you can use any of these in your own projects!

Show me the money!

So now to the important question, will I make money?
In Toon Racer 2, we have analysed user input; where people tap, when they navigate and what makes you the money.
The in app purchase screen has been redesigned to maximise sale potential with improved ad placement location.

Game currency with In App Purchases
If a user wishes to upgrade steering, unlock levels, difficulties or cars, they need to use the in game currency. If a user wishes to have more coins, they can purchase more with in app purchases.
The current in app purchases for the game currency include:
• 25,000 Cash Purchase
• 60,000 Cash Purchase
• 120,000 Cash Purchase
• 250,000 Cash Purchase
• 400,000 Cash Purchase
• Earn X2 Cash (doubles coins earned per game)

Unlock full game
If a user doesn't wish to contend with ads or wait to unlock a car, they can upgrade the game via an in app purchase. Unlocking the game removes all ads, levels and cars.

If a user doesn't wish to pay for coins, We can still occur revenue by presenting Ads. The app currently has the following integrated:
- App Lovin
- Ad Mob
- Chartboost
- Users can also receive additional coins by watching a reward video.

App Promotion

Users are able to share their score via Facebook. The Facebook post leads people straight to the app. Player can also submit their score to one of three game center scoreboards.


Whoa, Replay that!

If only your players could help you to actively promote your app by sharing in game footage to youtube, Facebook or twitter. Wait! Already done. We have integrated Unity’s very own Everyplay.

Everyplay is a free video game replay recording & sharing platform. Drive engagement, increase retention, and generate organic installs with Everyplay. If the device is running out of room, or isn’t powerful enough to support the replays, it’ll automatically suspend recording. This is all configured, all you need is an everyplay account and ID.

Daily Rewards

Reward your loyal players with daily rewards. every 24 hours the user will receive a cash bonus which increments every day. Who doesn’t like rewards!

Game Modes & difficulties

We’ve added new options for players with a need for speed. ‘Hard’ and ‘Insane’ difficulties can now be unlocked. A new game mode has also been added; 'Free ride'.

Smart gameplay

In car driving or overheard? Have both!
With the rise in popularity of first person driving games such as traffic rider, Toon Racer 2 allows you to tap into the popular combination of first person and endless traffic. Does your car prefab not have an interior? We have you covered. The in car camera is set up for each car; you can place the camera precisely where you want it just by moving a game object. This could be on the front, on the roof, next to the wheel or in the interior… no calculations, not scripts, no headaches. To steer it home, we include a steering wheel script that animates the steering wheel to rotate as the player turns.

7 cars to play from
Each of the 7 cars within Toon racer has it's own characteristics which affect game play.

Car Upgrades
With coins earned or purchased, the player can upgrade each car's speed, acceleration, handling and braking.

Smart traffic
The traffic will not stay stagnant. The traffic's AI will cause the traffic to switch lanes with signalling. If the player wishes to move the traffic from a lane, they can beep their horn.

Car Control
This can be either tilt control or touch control.

Overtakes and top speed bonus
Each overtake will provide additional cash. The longer the user can maintain at the top speed, the more bonus cash they receive.



The following is the licensing agreement for all source code offered by Sperensis Applications. By buying this source code you agree to all the terms and conditions below.

• All 2D artwork and 3D prefabs, Music, Names, Descriptions, Screenshots and Sounds must be changed.
• If at some point you decide to sell your app, portfolio or business then you must specify to the buyer that you do not own the source code.
• With the “Unlimited License” you can create as many reskins with that source code under your own developer account as you wish. However, you may not transfer or share that license with another party unless you have written approval from us.
• Distribution of binary only (IPA / APK). Distribution of source code is forbidden.
• With any license purchase you do NOT own the source code, even if modified. We are licensing it to you for reskin purposes only under your personal or business developer account. We remain the owner of the source code and you may NOT resell or license the code to others.
• As software licensee, this software licence agreement is solely and exclusively the agreement for the sale of the software.
• You may not purchase this source code for the sole purpose of reskinning and reselling apps to others that provides them with the source code (commercial use).

To prevent copyright infringment, data is collected including username, email and IP address. This data will not be shared / distributed and is solely for the purpose of identifying and pursuing legal claims against the infringing party.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this licensing agreement please do not hesitate to contact us.

Unity 5.1+, NGUI

Please note: All 3D objects have been watermarked to prevent re-use. If you wish to purchase any / all objects for another project, links are provided within the documentation


How to purchase

Instant Download - We offer single and unlimited reskin licence. With the purchase of the unlimited licence, you can reskin the application as many times are you wish under the same developer account. Once purchased, you will recieve an email with a link for instant download.


We can provide a full unique reskin of this app that will not be resold again. We currently have theme concepts that are ready to develop on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact us for more information.

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