Minion For Mac
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Minion is the easiest way to monitor long running tasks on your Mac. Just tell it what to look for and Minion can notify you via SMS, email and push notifcation (Mac and iOS) when the job is done.

EDM Studio 2
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EDM Studio allows you to easily create, record and share multi-track EDM music. EDM Studio is intuitive enough to start using with no prior knowledge of music production.

Toon Racer 2
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Release your own Unity 3D racing game and save thousands on development by using our popular Toon Racer source code. An all in one editor is included so no need to open any scripts!

The Hockey Scoreboard
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Combine the excitement of your hockey game with the technology of iOS devices, together they work hand in hand. The Hockey Scoreboard boasts full Retina support with a clear, beautiful design.

  • Recently

    New Hockey Stickers

    We have released 30 hockey sticker apps for iOS.

  • Recently

    Toon Racer 2 Source Code released

    Save thousands on development by using our popular Toon Racer source code. Learn More

  • Recently

    Toon Racer 2 app released

    The sequel to the popular Toon Racer game is now available on iOS and Android.

  • Minion For Mac - Update coming soon

    A large update is coming for Minion. New look, new name & new features.

  • 3D Unity reskin window open

    Hire us for a reskin project on any source code available on online marketplaces such as Chupamobile

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